Director’s Cut

Tricycle members on stage

Director’s Cut
Picnic + The Show [Colombia + USA]

Director’s Cut is playing:

March 25
The Box Performance Space

Pay what you decide. No tickets required.

Directors of films, TV, music videos, comics, and even video games often create an re-edited version of their work where they have complete control of the final product. This special edition is presented as the “Director’s Cut,” where you can see “scenes not seen before,” directors’ commentary, interviews with the actors and some behind-the-scenes moments.

In this night of improvised comedy, Picnic from Bogota and The Show from Albuquerque will create a show where four directors propose scenes to be created on-the-spot. The stories pit director against director in a process of elimination scene-by-scene. In the end, only one of the stories is developed in its entirety and the director who leads it becomes the creditor of the golden basket!*
*We’ll find out when you do.

Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling the Revolutions Hotline at 505.414.3738. Payment will be taken at the box office prior to the show. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards. Passport holders will also call the Passport Hotline at 505.414.3738.  Get Passport 

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